This is how I intend to register your Big Day: with no staged shoots or smiles, without monopolizing your time … The day is yours and it’s unique!

You, your family and friends, and all the preparations that you are making are what will make your wedding day great. I’ll be there to record the environments, the moments, the reactions, and do my very best to make them a faithful memory of what you lived and felt that day.

If this sounds good to you, means we are in tune, so go ahead and  browse through my gallery page.


– Hasan

…. one quick Thank you note to my instructors and friends

Over last few years I have been lucky to work along side with some great photographers from Chicagoland area. I cannot thank them enough,  Daniela C. and Thomas Pham you both have taught me so much .. its always a joy working with two of you.

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